Prepare Yourself: National Robotics Week Is Next Week!

It's National Robotics Week next week in the United States, so find a way to celebrate with ROBOTS!

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Prepare Yourself: National Robotics Week Is Next Week!

Hey! You there! What are your plans for National Robotics Week? It's an officially nationally recognized event in the United States, which I'm reasonably sure means that if you don't celebrate it, you get arrested or made fun of or something. To make sure this doesn't happen, there are a huge number of events all over the country, and you should find one near you to go check out.

(By the way, there are similar celebrations in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. We'll try to keep you posted about those as well. Send us an email if you're participating or organizing a "national robotics week" or events like that in other countries.)

There are lots of events going on this year. Just look! This is the fourth edition of National Robotics Week, and the organizers say it's going to be even bigger than before, with robot events in all 50 states.

Click here for the actual map telling you what all of these events are.

Just in the San Francisco Bay Area, for example, we've got the Stanford Drone Games, WeRobot 2013, an awesome Robot Block Party, and a forum hosted by Xconomy featuring Rodney Brooks, Colin Angle, Chris Anderson, and a whole bunch of other amazing people. And there's even more going on! Like, for example:

Yes, it's back, the world's largest robot competition, with 50 different robotics events. It takes place in San Mateo, Calif., from Apr 19-21, and you can buy tickets right here.

Now, if you don't live out here in California, there's no reason to panic: hopefully, you can find something robot-y to do somewhere in your area, and if not, there are many other ways to celebrate the week. Build a robot, program a robot, read about robots, write about robots... Robots are the future, and while around here we celebrate them every single day, National Robotics Week is a fantastic excuse to get involved on your own, too.

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