Why You Want the Next Generation Portable Game Player

Seven years after introducing the PSP, Sony unveils a new generation of portable consoles'this time with 3G and Wi-Fi

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Earlier this month, Sony unveiled a much-anticipated successor to its best-selling Play Station Portable. The new handheld console, which Sony has dubbed the “Next Generation Portable,” or NGP, won’t be launched for many months. But gamers are already excited by its features, which include GPS, a three-axis gyroscope, 3G and Wi-Fi network connectivity, an accelerometer, and touch controls on the back so your hands needn’t block your view of the screen. Best-selling author and IEEE Spectrum contributing editor David Kushner walks host Steven Cherry through the console’s features and its prospects as Sony faces fierce competition from the next generation of Nintendo’s Wii and increasingly game-friendly smartphones and tablets.

Segment producer: Ariel Bleicher; audio engineer: Francesco Ferorelli