The Race For A New Game Machine

Talking with Authors Shippy and Phipps.

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In the last 3 years, 74 million Playstation 3s, Xboxes, and Wii’s have been sold—in round numbers, that’s $20 billion worth of video game machines. Each manufacturer  came out with a new version, but under the hood a much more drastic transformation  took place.

In 2001, here’s who made the microprocessors for those machines – for the Sony Playstation, Sony and Toshiba; for the Microsoft Xbox, Intel, and for Nintendo, IBM. Today, all three companies use microprocessors designed by a single company – IBM.

That transformation has been documented in a new book, The Race For A New Game Machine, just out from Citadel Press.

The story comes straight from the source. The authors are David Shippy, who was the chief architect of the microprocessor core, and Mickie Phipps, who was the project manager.