CES 2010 Analysis: 3-D is the Future of Home Entertainment?

To judge from this month's Consumer Electronics Show, home entertainment is about to enter the third dimension

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At January's giant Consumer Electronics Show, television and BluRay manufacturers, Hollywood studios, and cable and satellite providers showed off one new 3D product after another. It didn't hurt that at the time, the 3D movie Avatar was breaking box office records. Spectrum editors Josh Romero and Steven Cherry discuss the fourth and fifth dimensions-the technology and the business sides-of 3D.


Mtisubishi's 3D Blu-ray goggles

Amid all the smack-talk between the warring formats of HD DVD and Blu-ray, Mitsubishi weighs in with some interesting Blu-ray development. This week, the company demoed a new Blu-ray player that, along with a special pair of goggles, brings 3D to DLP televisions and projectors. There's also talk of integrating the technology with a console gaming system. Of course just the uttering of the word "goggles" is enough to turn any gamer's stomach. The vaporware dream of immersive Lawnmower Man style gaming has been just that (remember Dactyl Nightmare?). The key is not just making the gimmicky glasses, but …