Intel Puts Security Front and Center

Intel's $7.7 billion purchase of software security firm McAfee makes more sense than some give it credit for

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Whether it’s in wireless tire-pressure car sensors, U.S. military computers, or the 2008 Spanair plane that crashed and killed 154 passengers, malicious software seems ever more dangerous. Embedded systems get infected, and in the brave new world of smartphones and iPads, the problem might get worse before it gets better. Host Steven Cherry talks with technology consultant Charles King about the strange logic of Intel’s US $7.7 billion purchase of software security firm McAfee, and with Ruby Lee, director of the Princeton Architecture Lab for Multimedia and Security at Princeton University, about the difficulties and benefits of putting security on a chip.


2008 Not a Good Year for IT Security

Restricted-sign.gif 2008 has not turned out to be a good year for IT security. There were several significant security breaches this year, from The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation admitting that back-up tapes containing data on 12.5 million customers and 747 companies were lost twice this year - once in February and again in April - to a computer bought on eBay containing the personal records of some 1 million customers of Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland. Baseline magazine has a nice online slide presentation summarizing its Top 10 Security Breaches …