Following Dad's Trajectory

Richard and Owen Garriott are the second family to have visited space

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  In 1973, Owen Garriott became the first electrical engineer to travel into space. He spent 60 days aboard Skylab, the U.S.-run space station. A decade later, he went into orbit again, this time aboard the space shuttle Columbia. Between missions, he was a researcher and manager at Johnson Space Center. He retired from NASA in 1986.


A quarter-century after Garriott’s Skylab excursion, his son, computer game designer Richard Garriott, took a 21st century trajectory into space. Richard paid a reported 30 million dollars for a trip to the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz. His father was on hand to watch his son’s liftoff in Kazahkstan and greeted him upon his return 12 days later.


Richard and Owen are now the second family to have visited space, albeit in different decades.