Nonexistent Worldwide Airline Check-in System Meltdown?

Qantas' Amadeus Check-in System Goes Down for Three Hours - Does Any Other Airline's Too?

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Nonexistent Worldwide Airline Check-in System Meltdown?

Okay, we have a little mystery.

Australian newspapers and other media reported late Monday and today that Qantas suffered a three hour check-in system meltdown at about 1700 AEDT on the 15th of November. A computer problem in the airline's Amadeus check-in system reportedly affected Qantas flights world-wide, forcing the airline to use manual check-in procedures for domestic and international passengers. Some flights were delayed as a result.

Okay, it happens.

However, in a couple of the stories, like this one in ZDnet Australia, "Along with Qantas, other global carriers which used Amadeus were also affected. Qantas was working with Amadeus to prevent a similar event occurring again, according to the spokesperson."

This article at said that 485 airlines across the world including major airlines such as British Airways, Air France, South African Airways, Thai Airways, Lufthansa and United Airlines were all affected in the global check-in chaos.

However, I have not seen any other news articles on this supposed world-wide passenger check-in chaotic event, which I would expect if 485 airlines across the planet were affected. It would have made for a nice story if true.

So, was this just a local Qantas problem, or something more widespread that mysteriously didn't make the news?

Anyone know?

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