Next Week is National Robotics Week!

April is a big month for robotics, with RoboGames hard on the servos of National Robotics Week

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Next Week is National Robotics Week!

Next week (or, technically, this Saturday) is National Robotics Week (or, technically, week and two days). This year, you can look forward to 135 planned events encompassing all 50 states. Attend, Share and Enjoy! Plus: RoboGames! (!!!)

We're not just making this up: it's official, according to House Resolution 1055, which states that "whereas" (blah blah blah) "all-encompassing and enabling technology" (blah blah blah) "the most effective, compelling, and engaging means for teaching and reinforcing fundamental science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts" (blah blah blah) "the second week in April each year is designated as ‘National Robotics Week’, recognizing the accomplishments of Isaac Asimov, who immigrated to America, taught science, wrote science books for children and adults, first used the term robotics, developed the Three Laws of Robotics, and died in April, 1992." So there you have it.

The best way to find some high-quality roboty stuff to do is to check out this map, which has a handy location-based list of all the goings on.

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Hey, you know what's coming up the week directly following NRW? That's right: ROBOGAMES!

That's the new 2012 RoboGames logo by artist Chris Kawagiwa. Love the robot, slightly confused about the Death Star, but it looks like our shield protected us from its fully armed and operational laser, so that's cool.

We'll have a preview article as we get closer to the event. But for now, suffice it to say that I'll be there in person, taking pictures and video and getting a tour of the brand spankin' new (and super expensive) Mech Warfare arena, and I'll be giving a lecture on an as-yet undetermined subject but likely having to do with robots and the possible probable doom of all humans. You know, typical stuff. So if you'll be at the event, make sure to swing by and clap extra loudly at the end.

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