Robot Film Festival in NYC This July

Here's a little preview of some of the epic robot video awesomeness that you can expect from the first ever Robot Film Festival

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Robot Film Festival in NYC This July

Robots seem to inspire people to make awesome movies and videos of all kinds, which is why it's high time that someone went out and put together a Robot Film Festival. If you're in New York City on July 16 and 17, you should definitely go, or better yet, you should submit your own video and be a part of the show, which will apparently include red carpet, an awards ceremony, and cocktails.

Here's a little teaser of what you might expect to see at the Robot Film Festival. I've seen a lot (like, seriously, a lot) of robot videos, and this is easily one of the weirdest:

That's a real robot! And it hates alien eggs! Impressive, yeah?

The submission deadline for the festival is June 5, and everything else you need to know is at the link below.

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