Mr. Silicon Valley Goes to Washington

Google and Facebook try to make their voices heard

5 min read
Mr. Silicon Valley Goes to Washington

This is part of IEEE Spectrum's special report on the battle for the future of the social Web.

Google and Facebook, both growing huge worldwide businesses, both dependent on the Internet—particularly broadband—for their growth, both headquartered in Silicon Valley, could easily be assumed to have similar political interests. Indeed, both of these companies and their top executives funnel the bulk of their political contributions to Democratic candidates, though they also hedge their bets by spreading dollars across the aisle, too. Yet when it comes to specific issues, Google and Facebook have different agendas.

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Video Friday: Robots Stock Up

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

3 min read
A black and white robot with a small head and a large arm sits on a mobile track on a blank white background

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your friends at IEEE Spectrum robotics. We also post a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months. Please send us your events for inclusion.

IEEE CASE 2022: 20–24 August 2022, MEXICO CITY
CLAWAR 2022: 12–14 September 2022, AZORES, PORTUGAL
IROS 2022: 23–27 October 2022, KYOTO, JAPAN
ANA Avatar XPRIZE Finals: 4–5 November 2022, LOS ANGELES
CoRL 2022: 14–18 December 2022, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND

Enjoy today's videos!

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GPT Language Model Spells Out New Proteins

Human speech and protein structure are close enough for AI purposes

3 min read
3d model of a protein

Human languages have much in common with proteins, at least in terms of computational modeling. This has led research teams to apply novel methods from natural language processing (NLP) to protein design. One of these—Birte Höcker’s protein design lab at Bayreuth University in Germany—describe ProtGPT2, a language model based on GPT-2, to generate novel protein sequences based on the principles of natural ones.

Just as letters from the alphabet form words and sentences, naturally occurring amino acids combine in different ways to form proteins. And protein sequences, just like natural languages, store structure and function in their amino acid sequence with extreme efficiency.

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As 5G evolves into 6G networks, it will be critical that it adopt the most energy-efficient technologies to reduce carbon emissions and our dependence on non-renewable resources.

In terms of increased sustainability, 6G will need to aim directly at lessening its overall environmental impact, including water consumption, raw material sourcing, and waste handling. But it is also important to consider the indirect impact of 6G networks can have on sustainability by conserving resources and minimizing waste in either existing use-cases or novel use-cases.

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