MIT Gets in the Motion-Sensing Game

A new hands-free interface arrives.

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2010 is shaping up to be the Year of Hands-Free Controls.

Last week I blogged about a patent from Sony for a new motion-sensing videogame controller.

This comes after several months of hype/speculation about Microsoft's Project Natal:  a motion-sensing camera for the Xbox 360.

Now add BiDi to the mix.  Developed at the Massachussets Institue of Technology, BiDi is described as "an example of a new type of I/O device that possesses the ability to both capture images and display them. This thin, bidirectional screen extends the latest trend in LCD devices, which has seen the incorporation of photo-diodes into every display pixel. Using a novel optical masking technique developed at the Media Lab, the BiDi Screen can capture lightfield-like quantities, unlocking a wide array of applications from 3-D gesture interaction with CE devices, to seamless video communication."

Will gesturing be the mouse of the next decade?

I spoke about innovations in videogame interfaces on NPR Weekend Edition yesterday.  You can listen here.

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