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Another Glitch at New York Stock Exchange Last Week

Problems Becoming More Frequent?

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Another Glitch at New York Stock Exchange Last Week

Last Thursday, another network problem affected the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) just after it opened, Reuters reported. The problem lasted about twenty minutes, and less than 2000 securities were affected, NYSE told traders.

The NYSE told traders that "four matching engines" were affected and some customers did not receive acknowledgments for their orders. As a result, traders' orders that were pending were canceled.

I assume that this means the order-matching engines. A similar problem hit the NYSE on the 26th of June. Different IT-related problems hit the exchange in mid-June and in early-July of this year.

An unknown problem caused the benchmark FTSE 100 index to remain unchanged for 28 minutes on last Friday afternoon. Trading on the London Stock Exchange, however, was unaffected.The FTSE Group, which compiles the index, isn't sure why the problem occurred, however.

The FTSE 100, the FTSE Group says, comprises the 100 most highly capitalized blue chip companies, representing approximately 81% of the UK market. It is used extensively as a basis for investment products, such as derivatives and exchange-traded funds.


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