Marco Migliari: Studio Virtuoso

At Real World Studios in the British countryside, he masters the mix

5 min read
photo of Marco Migliari
Photo: Ross Kirton

Marco Migliari steps into the vast recording studio and shuts a heavy metal door behind him. Silence fills the cavernous space where Peter Gabriel, Van Morrison, Coldplay, and Robert Plant have all taken their turns behind the microphone. “I like this sort of steadiness, the quietness of the studio,” Migliari says. “It’s kind of waiting for something to happen.”

And a lot does happen here at Real World Studios, a recording facility founded by Gabriel and best known for its vibrantly eclectic world-music productions. Tucked amid farms and stone houses in the village of Box, a 2-hour drive west of London, it’s regarded as one of the most high-tech and innovative places for making music. Migliari has worked here as a sound engineer for 12 years. In that time, he’s kept pace with a sea change in recording technology, as digital systems and software have gradually supplanted vacuum tubes and analog electronics. And he’s worked with top recording artists from all over the world. It’s Migliari’s job to make them sound good.

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Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine Turns 200

Error-riddled astronomical tables inspired the first computer—and the first vaporware

7 min read
An intricate metal clockwork consisting of columns of toothed gears on a rectangular wooden base.

During Charles Babbage’s lifetime, this 2,000-part clockwork was as near to completion as his Difference Engine ever got.

Science Museum Group

It was an idea born of frustration, or at least that’s how Charles Babbage would later recall the events of the summer of 1821. That fateful summer, Babbage and his friend and fellow mathematician John Herschel were in England editing astronomical tables. Both men were founding members of the Royal Astronomical Society, but editing astronomical tables is a tedious task, and they were frustrated by all of the errors they found. Exasperated, Babbage exclaimed, “I wish to God these calculations had been executed by steam.” To which Herschel replied, “It is quite possible.“

Babbage and Herschel were living in the midst of what we now call the Industrial Revolution, and steam-powered machinery was already upending all types of business. Why not astronomy too?

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Inventor of the First AI System That Could Read Handwriting Dies at 72

IEEE also mourns the loss of other members

3 min read

A photo of a man in a dark jacket in glasses.  University at Buffalo

Sargur “Hari” Srihari

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Harnessing the Power of Innovation Intelligence

Through case studies and data visualizations, this webinar will show you how to leverage IP and scientific data analytics to identify emerging business opportunities

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Business and R&D leaders have to make consequential strategic decisions every day in a global marketplace that continues to get more interconnected and complex. Luckily, the job can be more manageable and efficient by leveraging IP and scientific data analytics. Register for this free webinar now!

Join us for the webinar, Harnessing the power of innovation intelligence, to hear Clarivate experts discuss how analyzing IP data, together with scientific content and industry-specific data, can provide organization-wide situational awareness and reveal valuable business insights.

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