Kinect Teleoperated Robot Does Pushups For You

Robots are ready and willing to help take over all of our hard work, and that includes exercise

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Exercise is much less work if you can pawn the hard stuff off on a teleoperated robot. The system in this video is kinda like the physical master/slave system that we saw last year, combined with Willow Garage’s PR2 Kinect demo. While I’m sure this technology has at least a few practical uses, I’m personally hoping that all those humanoid robot competitions will start requiring Kinect teleoperation. Just imagine how much more entertaining it would be to watch robot combat and wildly gesticulating humans at the same time, kinda like this. And you know what, that sounds cool enough that maybe it should be made into a movie or something

Via [ I Heart Robotics ] and [ Robots Dreams ]

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