Photo Gallery: Snake Robots, Humanoids, Drones, and More

Check out a bunch of pics of robots from the IROS 2012 Expo floor

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Photo Gallery: Snake Robots, Humanoids, Drones, and More

Yep, IROS was tough this year. Very tough. Mostly because this is what the beach looked like, and we were hard at work in the hotel checking out sessions all day. During the breaks, we wandered around the IROS Expo floor, and took a bunch of pictures of the robots on display, which you can check out in our gallery below.


Iuro liked being outside by the pool.


The pool was a dangerous place for humans. If you don't recognize that robot, it's because it's brand new from Clearpath Robotics, and we'll have more on it in an article coming up.


Iuro didn't like being inside so much, apparently.


The NimbRo-OP TeenSize RoboCup robot impresses the expo crowd.


Skybotix Coax helicopter: stable, safe, and flyable indoors.


These e-puck robots are equipped with 360 degree cameras that produce circular images like the one you see in the background.


Are e-pucks too much for you? Their smaller cousins come equipped with magnets to let them drive around on vertical surfaces.


HiBot's crazy snake robot is dust proof, waterproof, modular, and is perfectly at home in swimming pools.


Kuka YouBot with a wrist-mounted Kinect.


SimLab's Allegro hand grips... Um... Something sort of round and yellow. Ish.


REEM, from Pal Robotics, kept itself busy looking imposing.


Half a Nao, aka the T14 torso, waves at passers-by while its mobile counterpart tries not to fall down on the slippery marble floor.


Giving up on walking, Nao takes a ride in a Clearpath Robotics Husky.


Not bad, Portugal. Not bad.

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