Building an AI That Feels

AI systems with emotional intelligence could learn faster and be more helpful

12 min read
Eddie Guy

In the past year, have you found yourself under stress? Have you ever wished for help coping? Imagine if, throughout the pandemic, you'd had a virtual therapist powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) system, an entity that empathized with you and gradually got to know your moods and behaviors. Therapy is just one area where we think an AI system that can recognize and interpret emotions could offer great benefits to people.

Our team hails from Microsoft's Human Understanding and Empathy group, where our mission is to imbue technology with emotional intelligence. Why? With that quality, AI can better understand its users, more effectively communicate with them, and improve their interactions with technology. The effort to produce emotionally intelligent AI builds on work in psychology, neuroscience, human-computer interaction, linguistics, electrical engineering, and machine learning.

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