Yujin Robot Launches 3D Lidar for Service Robots and Smart Factories

POST COVID-19, Future-Ready Technology and Products for AGVs/AMRs, Service Robots, and Factories

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Recently Yujin Robot launched a new 3D LiDAR for indoor service robot, AGVs/AMRs and smart factory. The YRL3 series is a line of precise laser sensors for vertical and horizontal scanning to detect environments or objects. The Yujin Robot YRL3 series LiDAR is designed for indoor applications and utilizes an innovative 3D scanning LiDAR for a 270°(Horizontal) x 90°(vertical) dynamic field of view as a single channel. The fundamental principle is based on direct ToF (Time of Flight) and designed to measure distances towards surroundings. YRL3 collect useful data including ranges, angles, intensities and Cartesian coordinates (x,y,z). Real-time vertical right-angle adjustment is possible and supports powerful S/W package for autonomous driving devices.

“In recent years, our product lineup expanded to include models for the Fourth Industrial Revolution," shares the marketing team of Yujin Robot. These models namely are Kobuki, the ROS reference research robot platform used by robotics research labs around the world, the Yujin LiDAR range-finding scanning sensor for LiDAR-based autonomous driving, AMS solution (Autonomous Mobility Solution) for customized autonomous driving. The company continues to push the boundaries of robotics and artificial intelligence, developing game-changing autonomous solutions that give companies around the world an edge over the competition.

imgYUJIN 3D LiDAR, Now Shipping! Indoor 3D LiDAR for AGVs/AMRs, Service Robots, and FactoriesPhoto: Yujin

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