IEEE Spectrum Reactorland: A Board Game

Players try to finance, license, and build a nuclear reactor in less time than the 5-10 years needed in real life

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IEEE Spectrum Reactorland: A Board Game

This is part of IEEE Spectrum's special report: Nuclear Power Gets a Second Look

1 to 4 PLAYERS

Scenario: Roddy Reactor is president of a local utility company that is experiencing significant growth in load demand. To meet that demand and pre- vent rolling blackouts, Roddy must add baseload capacity to his power plant portfolio. He has asked you to take charge of the project.

Object: Permit, license, and build a nuclear reactor in less time than the 5–10 years it would take in real life.


Setting Up: Need one die (not supplied) to play. Use paper clips or coins as game pieces to indicate your progress around the board.

Game Play: All players roll the die. Highest roll goes first. Players continue clockwise. On your turn, roll the die, then move your game piece the indicated number of spaces.

Follow space directions. This ends your turn.

The Spaces: If you land in a space with an LNT sign, you forfeit your next turn. Land in a space with a U-turn sign and you must go back the num-ber of spaces indicated by the U-turn.

How to Win: To win, you must be the first player to land on the fully built nuclear power plant in the lower right-hand corner of the game board. To reach this point, you must successfully navigate your way through the required analyses (marked by an eye), making decisions (the question marks) that meet regulatory and construction needs. Plus, you must keep the project on schedule (the watch) and on budget (the dollar sign). Other milestones along the way include permit and licensing achievements (checks and stars).

To play, Please download and print out the ReactorLand Board Game (PDF).

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