IEEE Nanotechnology Symposium Gets Full Coverage

A new blog offers us full coverage of presentations at nanotechnology conference

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IEEE Nanotechnology Symposium Gets Full Coverage

Thanks to Twitter, I was lucky enough to stumble upon coverage provided at Ira Feldman’s Blog of the IEEE San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council Sixth Annual Symposium “Nanotechnology: State of the Art & Applications”.

Mr. Feldman is providing what seems to be a unique service of letting those of us who are unable to attend the meeting know what’s going on. As typical of conferences in general, you get some press releases prior to the event to boost attendance but nobody really covers what goes on. And that’s a pity because this one looks to be pretty good at least based on Mr. Feldman’s coverage of it.

There are some interesting gems, such as a report on Dr. Hans Stork’s, VP and CTO Applied Materials, presentation “Nanotechnology in Semiconductor Industry” in which we learn that Dr. Stork not only doesn’t expect a slow down of Moore’s law in a post-CMOS world but he doesn’t expect that there will be a post-CMOS world with CMOS remaining the backbone of the electronics industry.

I mean that is great stuff. If I had attended the conference, it is possible that I would have heard that, but I do have to hand it to Mr. Feldman for providing a pretty thorough reporting of it.

One thing that this coverage brings to light is how important process refinement is to the development of nanotechnology. So many of the presentations from university and corporate researchers alike are focusing on the obstacles of repeatability and quality assurance. 

This is nanotechnology beyond the hype. This shows us where the state of the art and applications in nanotech really exist. Basically what you have here is a great program, big-name speakers and finally someone taking the trouble to take it all down for us. Thanks IEEE and Mr. Feldman.

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