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id gets itself sold

ZeniMax, Bethesda parent company, buys id software.

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[via everywhere; have a link to Joystiq]id software, long a bastion of doing what they want, when they want, the world be hanged, have sold themselves to Bethesda parent ZeniMax. This is odd news. I never would have pictured this, but I've been out of FPS development for years now, so my finger has certainly slipped off the pulse there.

id has always been idiosyncratic, and not one to march happily to the tune of, say, their current publisher. But perhaps fighting the good fight has worn thin, and availing themselves of the resources of a larger parent company may sound cool and refreshing. id games have been shallow on content, and deep on tech, for years, so if this move means they can bolster the "game" side of things to equal the "engine" part, then they might catch up in the genre they created. We'll see.

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