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iCandy: Bridges, Beams, and Bots in Bands

France’s vertical lift bridge, Nicaraguans bridging the laptop divide, and a true heavy metal band

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iCandy: Bridges, Beams, and Bots in Bands
Photo: Ivan Alvarado/Reuters

Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images
Of the roughly 58 million children of primary school age in Latin America, 5 percent don’t attend school at all. But just as many are benefiting from the work of the One Laptop Per Child initiative. In March, Nicaragua’s Zamora Terán Foundation delivered 3000 of the organization’s XO laptops to students at 10 public schools in Ciudad Sandino, bringing the number of kids in the country with their own computers to 30 000. The foundation says it expects to deliver 10 000 more computers to area students by the end of the year.

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