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iCandy: A Look Inside

A German plasma chamber, a solar house, a flight simulator, and a $326 000 cellphone

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You certainly don’t want to be inside the plasma chamber of the Max Planck Institute’s ASDEX Upgrade Fusion research device when it’s fired up and producing plasmas at temperatures exceeding 100 million °C.
Photo: Volker Steger/IPP

Photo: Armin Weigel/EPA/Landov
This piece of equipment, which at first glance looks like a turntable designed for a 10-meter-tall DJ, is actually part of what the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences in Teisnach, Germany, is calling the largest optical machine in the world. The finished product will make the large specialized mirrors needed for the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in northern Chile. The main mirror for ESO’s E-ELT telescope will have a diameter of 39.3 meters.

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