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iCandy: A Look Inside

A German plasma chamber, a solar house, a flight simulator, and a $326 000 cellphone

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You certainly don’t want to be inside the plasma chamber of the Max Planck Institute’s ASDEX Upgrade Fusion research device when it’s fired up and producing plasmas at temperatures exceeding 100 million °C.
Photo: Volker Steger/IPP

Photo: Leonhard Foeger/Reuters
Digital technology is making inroads everywhere. But at the cemetery? Rather than paying for a skilled artisan to chisel the deceased’s name and other information on a tombstone, Austrian funeral-services company Aspetosis offers mourning families the option of having a stonemason sandblast a quick response (QR) code on the gravestone using a computer-generated template. A visitor to the grave site can scan the code with a smartphone to read about the person’s life.

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