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iCandy: A Look Inside

A German plasma chamber, a solar house, a flight simulator, and a $326 000 cellphone

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You certainly don’t want to be inside the plasma chamber of the Max Planck Institute’s ASDEX Upgrade Fusion research device when it’s fired up and producing plasmas at temperatures exceeding 100 million °C.
Photo: Volker Steger/IPP

Photo: Solar Decathlon Europe
This house, offering 70 square meters of living space, draws all the power needed to heat, cool, and light the building—and to charge an electric vehicle—from the sun. The structure, built in just 11 days by a team of university students from Rhône-Alpes, France, beat out houses built by 17 other student teams from around the world to win the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 competition, held in Madrid in September. Each of the houses was judged in 10 categories focusing on the buildings’ architecture, energy efficiency, and comfort.

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