iCandy: A Better View

A panoramic vision system, an eye tracker, and a 3-D model of a fetus

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Willie Jones covers transportation for IEEE Spectrum, and the history of technology for The Institute.

iCandy: A Better View

Photo: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images
Kogoro Kurata, a Japanese designer and artist, shows off the robotic creation that he has dubbed Kuratas. The 4-metric-ton, 4-meter-tall machine can be piloted from the cockpit—where Kurata is perched—or remotely from an iPhone. The combative robot features a sensor system that locks onto a target before its twin Gatling guns together fire more than 6000 BB pellets per minute. This is no one-off project. Its creator says he plans to sell Kuratas for US $1.3 million.

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