"How Will Nano Change the World?" Video Contest Winner Announced

What happens when you mix nanotech, boy bands, sorority girls and alternative energy solutions, well watch this video

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Here on the Nanoclast blog I take a fair amount of pride in finding something to turn a critical eye on in the world of nanotech, and I was prepared to do it again when the latest winners  of the American Chemical Society's latest nanotech video contest: "How will nanotech change the world?" were announced.

But I have to admit the winning video, entitled "Nanogirls", won over my cynical heart with its sheer silliness. The winner(s) were from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and they appear to have dreamed this video up when the players were confronted with too much time on their hands during a summer research project.

I guess the video addresses the looming question of "How will nanotech change the world?" by suggesting that nanotech will help make solar panels more efficient and thereby reduce our dependence on oil and...well, change the world. 

I was so taken by the video I am hoping they release a single of the song on iTunes so I can download and listen to it will I write this blog.

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