Here's How Santa Preps For X-Mas

Ho ho ho wheeeeee!

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Here's How Santa Preps For X-Mas

After a whole year off, Santa's obviously got to warm up for that sleigh ride somehow...

In order to successfully deliver presents who all those deserving children (and hard-working journalists) in just one night, you have to figure that Santa ends up pulling more than a few Gs (about 17,500 if you believe the calculations on one website). That's a bit more than the six Gs that Deakin University's Universal Motion Simulator (aka flight simulator on a giant robot arm) maxes out at, but it looks like Santa is more or less satisfied with his pre-flight workout:

[ CISR ]

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Image of a combine harvester within a wheat field, harvesting.

Russia is the world's largest wheat exporter, with 20 percent of the world's wheat trade. Combine harvesters that can drive themselves using technology from Russian company Cognitive Pilot are helping to make the harvesting process faster and more efficient.

Cognitive Pilot

The field of automated precision agriculture is based on one concept—autonomous driving technologies that guide vehicles through GPS navigation. Fifteen years ago, when high-accuracy GPS became available for civilian use, farmers thought things would be simple: Put a GPS receiver station at the edge of the field, configure a route for a tractor or a combine harvester, and off you go, dear robot!

Practice has shown, however, that this kind of carefree field cultivation is inefficient and dangerous. It works only in ideal fields, which are almost never encountered in real life. If there's a log or a rock in the field, or a couple of village paramours dozing in the rye under the sun, the tractor will run right over them. And not all countries have reliable satellite coverage—in agricultural markets like Kazakhstan, coverage can be unstable. This is why, if you want safe and efficient farming, you need to equip your vehicle with sensors and an artificial intelligence that can see and understand its surroundings instead of blindly following GPS navigation instructions.

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