Happy Birthday IBM: 100 Years Old Today

What will Microsoft, Google and Apple look like at their 100th?

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Happy Birthday IBM: 100 Years Old Today

Today is IBM's 100th birthday, or as the company says at its centennial web site, today marks the beginning of IBM's 101st year. The web site has a very nice collection of essays, photos, videos, and no surprise, memorabilia to buy.

There is also a nice AP story on IBM's centennial that you may want to read as well.

If anyone wants to share their fondest IBM story, feel free. Also, if anyone knows the longest serving IBM employee or has an idea of the total number of people who have worked as IBM employees over the 100 years, let me know.

Of course, IBM's 100th anniversary makes one wonder what Microsoft, Google and Apple will look like at 100. Feel free to predict the future of these three as well.

Who has the best chance of reaching their centennial?

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