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Get a Grip

10 New Year's resolutions to take control of your work life

3 min read

When jobs pile up faster than you can handle them, your only recourse is to work smarter. Start the year off right with these 10 New Year’s resolutions.

1. Tackle your most important task first thing in the morning. Don’t try to get little things out of the way, because suddenly it will be lunchtime. I’m convinced that you will be successful even if you tackle only the most important thing you need to do each day.

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Chopper Rocket Chasers Play “Catch Me if You Can”

Rocket Lab tries to snare spent boosters in midair with a helicopter

4 min read
A shot from overhead of a helicopter, with its rotors spinning. A large cylindrical object hangs from it on a cable.

A helicopter, on a practice run, towing a mockup of a rocket booster on a cable. Rocket Lab hopes to catch returning rockets in midair for reuse on future missions.

Rocket Lab

“If at first you don’t succeed….” Rocket Lab, the space launch company with two launchpads on the New Zealand coast, almost did succeed in May at something very difficult: To make its Electron booster reusable (and therefore far less expensive to fly), it tried catching the used first stage—in midair—with a helicopter as it descended by parachute toward the Pacific Ocean.

It came oh-so-close. On its first try, Rocket Lab’s helicopter successfully snagged the parachute with a hook at the end of a long cable—a remarkable piece of planning and flying. But the pilot, in the company’s words, “detected different load characteristics than previously experienced in testing,” and let the rocket fall in the water for a ship to recover it.

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This Chip Could Replace a Thousand Lasers

Frequency combs are key to optical chips that could cut Internet power consumption

2 min read
Illustration of a square shape with a yellow ring on top and red lines in a pattern rising from the circle in small, then large sections.

This is an illustration of a microring resonator with an integrated heater element, which is key to generating the frequency comb. The red graph represents the light pulse circulating inside the microring resonator.

Nature Photonics

A record-breaking optical chip can transmit 1.8 petabits—1.8 million gigabits—per second, roughly twice as much traffic as transmitted per second over the entire world's Internet, a new study finds.

Previous research transmitted up to 10.66 petabits per second over fiber optics. However, these experiments relied on bulky electronics. A compact microchip-based strategy could enable mass production and result in smaller footprints, lower costs, and lower energy consumption. Until now, the fastest single optical microchip supported data rates of 661 terabits—661,000 gigabits—per second.

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Get the Coursera Campus Skills Report 2022

Download the report to learn which job skills students need to build high-growth careers

1 min read

Get comprehensive insights into higher education skill trends based on data from 3.8M registered learners on Coursera, and learn clear steps you can take to ensure your institution's engineering curriculum is aligned with the needs of the current and future job market. Download the report now!