George 'Macaca' Allen Joins Nanotox Board of Directors

A huge political blunder doesn't disqualify you from a Board of Directors

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George Allen, the former Governor and Senator from Virginia, has had to have committed one of the more egregious examples of foot-in-mouth disease seen on the campaign trail in some time.

By using a derogatory racial epithet for a campaign worker from his opponent's campaign, he helped turn the tide against him in the campaign for Senate.

But huge political blunders don't necessarily disqualify you from being offered all sorts of positions, like serving on a board of directors.

Nanotox based in Austin, TX is not perturbed by Allen's recent history and have appointed the former politician to serve on their board of directors. Nanotox markets itself as offering complete risk assessment exclusively for nanoparticles.

There's little doubt this whole EHS/nanotechnology issue is going to become a huge political issue and some contractors are likely to win lucrative contracts in sorting it all out. It's important to have powerful political allies under those circumstances even if their most recent political role ended under less than ideal circumstances.

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