Holiday Gifts 2009

Still don't know what to get for the geek who seems to have everything?




From a digital concert grand piano to a high-tech yo-yo, from a build-it-yourself Theremin to a crystal radio kit, we have a holiday gift for every age and budget.


grand piano   The Hundred-Grand Grand
The Yamaha Avant­Grand digital piano packs a concert piano experience into an upright's size and price
  build it   HANDS ON
If You Build It, Santa Will Come
Kits for building musical pencils, Theremins, crystal radios, and shortwave radios with your kids
yo-yo   A New Spin on An Old Toy
The humble yo-yo gets a high-tech makeover
  hydropower   HANDS ON
Dam It!
A new science kit brings hydropower to the playroom
robogolf   Robogolf
You don't have to putt like Tiger Woods to practice like him

cimio   MUSIC
Catch Scratch Fever
Digital DJs no longer lug dozens of vinyl discs to their gigs. Plus: How to get started DJing
  t-minus   BOOKS
T-Minus: The Race to the Moon
A behind-the-scenes look at the engineers and scientists who made the U.S./USSR space race happen