Special Report: Dream Jobs 2014

There are many paths to an exciting job as an engineer

Photo: Gabriela Hasbun
Leila Madrone does solar-energy R&D at Otherlab in San Francisco.

Dream Jobs iconHappy engineers are all alike; each unhappy engineer is unhappy in his own way, Tolstoy might have said.

Actually, the opposite is closer to the truth. Those who are dissatisfied all tend to spend their days pining for positions that are more challenging or fulfilling. Those who enjoy their work derive satisfaction in many different ways.

The profiles we present in this year’s Dream Jobs report aptly demonstrate that proposition. Contentment can come from working with professional athletes, investigating scientific mysteries, improving access to space, solving the problems of renewable energy, or just letting your imagination run. Reading about these exemplars may help you to zero in on your own uniquely rewarding career.