Special Report: Dream Jobs 2011

If the words “true bliss” along with “job market” evoke snorts of derision, you need to meet these 10 odds-defying technologists. Learn how you, too, can become the envy of your peers


Engineers, are you ready to shake things up? We know that the economy lately has been, well, unforgiving. But we still believe that you can—and should—find jobs you adore. This year, we met 10 engineers whose abrupt turns and occasional missteps led them to question their deepest desires, right the course, and find the jobs that are best for them. We quizzed hiring managers at top companies to learn what they seek. We also caught up with engineers we've featured in the past to see how dreams may change. Aim high, dear readers, and above all, have fun.

Dream Jobs 2011 list of articles

Bessone Loredana Bessone
At the European Space Agency, Loredana Bessone prepares explorers for the rigors of space
langer Ricky Langer
Ricky Langer has landed in the envy-inducing vortex of his passions: ESPN's tech team
lott Gus Lott
Gus Lott designs virtual reality systems for bugs and rats so that we can study their brains—and ours
walker John Q. Walker
John Q. Walker brings back the sounds of musical greats
kare Jordin Kare
LaserMotive's Jordin Kare aims to propel rockets and helicopters with light
kare Lucie Pautet
As the lead engineer for NEPTUNE Canada, Lucie Pautet manages a seafloor sensor network
Huang Hsin-Chien Huang
How an engineer became one of Taiwan's best-known artists
Duiser Jaap Duiser
Jaap Duiser is the engineer behind 2getthere's personal rapid transit system in Masdar, the Middle East's budding eco-city
abo-shaeer Amir Abo-Shaeer
Aided by robots, Amir Abo-Shaeer cultivates the next generation's engineers
mark sagar Mark Sagar
Academy Award-winner Mark Sagar makes virtual visages that smile, scowl, and shimmer
help wanted Help Wanted
What technology recruiters are looking for
where are they now Where Are They Now?
Four technologists check in