Red Bull Creation: A 72 Hour DIY Build-a-thon

The New York event pits 16 teams in a three-day race against the clock to build cool vehicles


UPDATE: 14 July, 2011—Below is a full video recap of the event.

1.21 Jigawatts built a human-sized wheel that printed wordsThe winning team was 1.21 Jigawatts, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their creation, the "Paper Trail" [right], was a human hamster-wheel that towed a spray-paint printer. Onlookers could text a word to the vehicle, and it would print it on a strip of paper.

8 July, 2011—Red Bull Creation got started at 11AM yesterday in Brooklyn, NY. The 16 competing teams, from all across the country, were given 72 hours to design and prototype a machine that fits topic ”energy in motion.” The finished contraptions have to move the weight of one person without using fossil fuels, and will be unveiled to the public on Sunday.

The teams were given tools, they have materials and scrap, they have workspaces, and they have RVs for relaxing and plenty of Red Bull for staying wired. Now they have just two days left to build.

Photo Highlights from Day 1