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FTC Says the Videogame Industry Scores

Gamers get a good report card from Uncle Sam

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How many times have we heard that videogames are corrupting kids?  But despite all the concern, the industry is doing a better job at self-regulation than critics might think.

The Federal Trade Commission released a report this week finding that game makers are doing a better job of protecting kids that those in the movie and music business.  "Retailers are enforcing age restrictions on the sale of M-rated [mature] games to children, with an average denial rate of 80 percent," the report says.  But there are still gaps.  Kids are buying M-rated games using gift cards online, and also accessing them on mobile devices. 

"It will be particularly important to address the challenges presented by emerging technologies – such as mobile gaming – that are quickly changing the ways that children access entertainment,"  FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz says.

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