Firefighting Robot is $100k of Cute n' Foamy

Got fire? Get robot

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Firefighting Robot is $100k of Cute n' Foamy

We're all familiar with the Triple D's of robotics: Dull, Dirty, and Dangerous. That third D, the dangerous one, is arguably where robots have found their most valuable niche, at least when it comes to protecting humans from things that are, you know, dangerous. Like bombs. And now, fires!

Howe and Howe Technologies have plenty of experience building building unmanned tracked monstrosities, but this little guy, named Thermite, is designed to save you from fires as opposed to beat you into a bloody pulp.

The reason why we need robots like this is because humans, in general, are soft and squishy and don't react well to being close to fires, especially the kind of fires that involve exploding fuel, exploding chemicals, exploding nuclear waste, and other exploding things. Thermite, which can pump up to 600 gallons per minute of whatever firefighting flavor you like, is designed to get way up in there and put fires out without any concern for its own personal safety, likely since it's not a person. It is driven around by a person, though, meaning that it's more of a tool for firefighters than a replacement for them.

A shiny new Thermite will run you just under $100,000. This seems kinda spendy, but you could buy eight Thermites for the cost of just one shiny new firetruck, which I guess makes it a pretty good deal.

[ Howe and Howe ] via [ Danger Room ]

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