Fabulous Footage of Dueling Supercars in Rome

Feast your eyes on this teaser from the upcoming Bond movie

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Fabulous Footage of Dueling Supercars in Rome
Image: Danjaq/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios/Columbia Pictures

Jaguar and Aston Martin, makers of Britain’s two top performance cars, have recently jumped on the cars-that-think bandwagon, with Jaguar touting virtual reality see-through pillars and posts, and Aston Martin signing a deal for self-driving technology.

Both brands will be showcased in “Spectre,” the next movie in the James Bond franchise, although it’s not yet clear just how much of the cognitative gadgetry will be shown. But if I were the director, I’d put in a bit of safety-first stuff just for laughs, the way Steven Spielberg did in “Jurassic Park,” when he let a panicked driver see a charging tyrannosaur through a rear-view mirror emblazoned with the words, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” (That idea was itself stolen from a Gary Larson cartoon.)

How about this scenario: the villain takes his hand off the wheel, the better to shoot at Bond, and his car complains: “driver must keep hands on the wheel.” Bad guy touches wheel, returns to shooting, and the process repeats itself. Finally, the car automatically parks and begins a lecture on the dangers of distracted driving. Mid-lecture, the car blows up.

Here’s a teaser from “Spectre,” filmed at night on the streets of Rome itself:

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2021 Top 10 Tech Cars

The trend toward all-electric is accelerating 

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Photo: Rimac Automobili

The COVID-19 pandemic put the auto industry on its own lockdown in 2020. But the technological upheavals haven't slowed a bit.

The march toward electric propulsion, for example, continued unabated. Nine of our 10 Top Tech Cars this year are electrically powered, either in EV or gas-electric hybrid form. A few critical model introductions were delayed by the virus, including the debut of one of our boldface honorees: the long-awaited 2021 Lucid Air electric sedan. It's expected to hit the market in a few months. But the constellation of 2021's electric stars covers many categories and budgets, from the ultra-affordable, yet tech-stuffed Hyundai Elantra Hybrid to the US $2.4 million Rimac C Two hypercar.

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