UN Climate Change Bureaucrats Jet to Bali

from the desk of IEEE Spectrum executive editor Glenn Zorpette:

Here's the UN being even more clueless than usual. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change will convene in December to demand that everybody in the world stop using so much darned energy. And the meeting will be on the resort island of Bali, in Indonesia! Forget about the spectacle of grossly overpaid bureaucrats feasting on rare delicacies in air-conditioned comfort while they demand that everybody cut their energy use radically. Think about the bazillion gallons (oops, sorry, cubic meters) of jet fuel needed to get all those pampered, overweight desk jockies to the other side of the world and back. And to keep them comfortable and well-fed in tropical heat.

And this is the body that Congress thought John Bolton wasn't good enough to join.


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