PV Watch 2

T-Solar Global, a leading Spanish manufacturer, will soon mass-produce the worldâ''s largest PV modules, using the trademarked SunFab thin film supplied by Applied Materials, the nanotech company in Santa Clara, Calif. T-Solar says it expects to produce the equivalent of 45 MW of the 5.7-square-meter modules per year. The company already has 28 power stations in Spain with a combined peak capacity of 143 MW, enough to generate 200 GWh/year and power about 60,000 homes.

On the other side of the pond, Konarka Technolgoies has secured $5 million to help finance a production facility in New Bedford, Mass., where it will produce Konarka Power Plastic. Konarka has been a recognized leader in organic PV since early in this decade; the efficiency claims itâ''s made for its materials have stood up relatively well to critical scrutiny. Its New Bedford factory is being housed in a building once occupied by Polaroidâ''s flagship manufacturing facility.


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