Plug-in Priuses: Toyota Dealers Getting Cold Feet?

Just a month ago, we told you that Hymotion named 4 Toyota dealers as official installers for its $9,995 plug-in conversion module for 2004-2008 Priuses.

Now, in a comprehensive piece in Green Car Advisor, the blog on all matters automotive and green, Scott Doggett writes that two of the four seem to be getting cold feet.

There's a continuing story with much left to be played out here, but we wanted to bring you the latest update as soon as we could.

And what, dear readers, are your thoughts? Should Toyota permit its dealers to install Hymotion's kits--assuming the company can back up their claim that the kit passed all relevant new-car crash tests? If you chose to install a plug-in kit in your Prius, how much would the liability issues worry you?


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