Obama Finalizes Energy and Environment Team

As expected, Obama yesterday, Dec. 15, formally announced his selections for Energy, EPA, the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and â''climate czar,â'' a new position in the executive office. In addition, itâ''s understood that his Interior nomination will be Ken Salazar, a deeply rooted Coloradan who the New York Times has described as a conservationist and staunch opponent of oil shale development on public lands. Regarding his choice for Energy, the Nobelist Stephen Chu, Joseph Romm agrees with my emphasis on Chuâ''s background as director of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, but doubles me.

On his list of five reasons for hailing Chuâ''s selection enthusiastically, Romm gives him both #2 and #3 for LBL, for his mastery of energy politics AND his mastery of energy technology. However, Romm--a former top Energy Department official who now is one of the best energy bloggers around--says the most important single reason for liking Chu is his emphatic skepticism about the concept of clean coal.

On that theme, watch this space for more reflections soon . . .


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