Obama Energy and Environment Transition Takes Shape

ClimateProgress.org, the website and blogging central closely associated with Joseph Romm, is reporting that David Hayes will be in charge of all Obama transition planning on energy and the environment, and that the EPA transition planning team will be headed by Robert Sussman and Lisa Jackson. All have substantial political and professional credentials. Hayes was deputy secretary of the interior in the Clinton Administration. Sussman ran the environmental practice for a leading DC law firm and has been a fellow of Jon Podestaâ''s Center for American Progress, while Jackson most recently was head of New Jerseyâ''s environmental agency and just two weeks ago was named chief of staff to NJ Governor Jon Corzine.

Both Sussman and Jackson are now prima facie leading contenders to be named Obamaâ''s Environmental Protection Administrator. Sussmanâ''s closeness to tranisition chief Podesta would seem to give him the edge, but note that Jackson, an engineer who happens to be African American, has helped New Jersey adopt exceptionally hard-headed and far-sighted energy policies, as reported here, not once but twice.


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