Nanotech and Energy: Itâ¿¿s the Mundane thatâ¿¿s Interesting

A recent short report that comes from the German government, namely from the State of Hesse, identifies all the potential ways nanotechnology could impact energy.

The firm for which I currently work is cited often throughout the report based on our reports and white papers on nanotech and energy.

While in the past we too have listed all the potential ways nanotechnology could impact the energy sector, like the more far out possibilities of power lines incorporating carbon nanotubes to more mainstream concepts such as improved solar cells, it is really in the more mundane areas of improved efficiency that nanotech can have the biggest impact today.

Improved insulation and lighter materials for automobiles donâ''t get the headlines that 3D solar cells made out of carbon nanotubes seem to get. But these uses are being adopted today and are likely to be the growth area for nanotech applications in the energy sector well into the near future.

As you can see from the chart that is cited in the State of Hesse of report, the big market application for nanotechnology is in â''Energy Savingâ'', equaling near 5 times the size of â''Energy Storageâ'' and â''Energy Productionâ'' combined.


Source: Cientifica

While this report will satisfy those compulsive list makers out there who feel compelled to to identify every possible application for nanotech, it will also enlighten those who might have some interest in the applications that will actually make a difference.


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