Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Opponents of the theory of anthropogenic climate change are hard at work via Internet forums making a last stand against the present societal momentum to address our impact on global climate and, specifically, to reduce the carbon footprint of our energy systems. They tend to repackage a dozen or so arguments, each of which takes a factual nugget, strips it of its scientific context, and twists it into a proof that climate change is either a natural process or a figment of the IPCC's imagination. Midland, MI-based multimedia producer, cartoonist, and alternative energy enthusiast Peter Sinclair is returning fire, nugget-for-nugget, with his new YouTube-distributed video series, Climate Denial Crock of the Week.

Each episode of Crock answers one of the climate denial "hobby-horse arguments" with five minutes of science-based, semi-professionally produced video. The Vikings help tell the story in this week's episode, Medieval Warming?, which explodes the notion that Earth was warmer during the Middle Ages than it is today:

Previous episodes tackle, among others, the role of solar cycles, sea ice volume versus area, and the meaning of cold snaps.

Sinclair's message to the deniers is: "Please. Please debate me. I'll rent the room... Come on down." Sinclair received training to do just that via Al Goreâ''s Climate Project, but I'm betting he'll have far greater impact via YouTube. For a sense of his motivation from the horse's mouth see this video interview of Sinclair at Regeneration, a 3-day gathering of university students in Grand Rapids last month organized by the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition.


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