Ditching the TV for PC Viewing

Who needs the Tube when you can watch films on your Xbox - and PS3.

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Here's an interesting story in the Los Angeles Times.  It's about people watching media on their computers instead of TVs.  The big idea is that - with services like Hulu and Netflix - there's less and less reason to tune in to the Tube anymore.  To this, I'd add Xbox Live - which offeres Netflix streaming as part of its service.  

Speaking of Netflix, now the movie streaming service is coming to the Playstation 3. More than 12,000 movies will be available on the PS3 next month.

I have an old friend who refuses to own a TV, but has been watching stuff on his Xbox for years - not just streaming movies, but DVDs, etc.  The idea of not having TV service might seem odd to some, but a new generation is increasingly comfortable with the plan.

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