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Demo Spring 2011: Starting a Company in the Age of the Cloud

Starting a company is a lot easier than it used to be.

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Starting a company, these days, is a lot easier than it used to be. What used to take years and a vast amount of money can now take just months and not much more than pocket change. Alain Chesnais, cofounder and Chief Technology Officer ofTrendspottr  and current president of the ACM, explains during Demo Spring 2011 how he got from idea to product launch in about six months.

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Asad Madni and the Life-Saving Sensor

His pivot from defense helped a tiny tuning-fork prevent SUV rollovers and plane crashes

11 min read
Asad Madni and the Life-Saving Sensor

In 1992, Asad M. Madni sat at the helm of BEI Sensors and Controls, overseeing a product line that included a variety of sensor and inertial-navigation devices, but its customers were less varied—mainly, the aerospace and defense electronics industries.

And he had a problem.

The Cold War had ended, crashing the U.S. defense industry. And business wasn’t going to come back anytime soon. BEI needed to identify and capture new customers—and quickly.

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