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Curiosity Sends Back Surprise Hazcam Pics

High resolution images from Curiosity's front and rear hazcams come in from Mars two hours early

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Curiosity Sends Back Surprise Hazcam Pics

Here are a pair of images from Curiosity's left rear hazcam and left front hazcam, respectively. We weren't expecting any front hazcam images this early, and we also weren't expecting such high resolution images, so this is really really amazing, and here at JPL people are going nuts. Oh, and they're also handing out Mars bars.

As soon as we're done being nuts and scarfing candy, we'll get settled in for the press conference, which should be full of good news! We'll likely have an update for you before midnight.

The official landing time, for those of you keeping track, was 10:32PM. And at least from here, it looked like everything went almost flawlessly.

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