Contribute to Arm TechCon ‘18: Call for Papers Now Open

Premier technology event’s call for papers open until June 8; contribute your insights around AI, security, IoT and more

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Arm Techon  2018 Call for Papers

Internet entrepreneur and Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston once said, “A lot of really great, innovative things have happened when people just didn't know it wasn't supposed to be possible.”

That sums up the engineering spirit as we confront difficult challenges every day from the comfort of our cubicles.

Thankfully, today’s biggest challenges are also today’s biggest opportunities:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Security
  • Functional safety
  • Automotive electronics and autonomous vehicles design

As engineers take on these challenges, questions arise, and we generally peek over the partition to seek an answer from a colleague. Or they email or call a friend. But that’s not always helpful.

There is one place, however, where the search for information and the spirit of possible really coalesce and fluoresce: conferences. In a world drowning in information, conferences and exhibitions remain one place where engineers can gather to share and learn information to overcome design challenges and architect the future.

Arm TechCon 2018 is just such a place. Arm TechCon 2018, the premier electronics-industry event, has an expanded mission, a new look and a new location this year. But most importantly, Arm TechCon 2018, to be held Oct ober 16-18, in San Jose, California, will be packed with people who just don’t know things aren’t supposed to be possible.

Working on AI and ML? What kind of processor will be best for optimal machine learning computation? What ethical and social constructs must we consider when building ML algorithms and using AI in general?

Developing an IoT system to unleash the untapped data in your enterprise? Find out how the industry will scale to a world where 1 trillion connected devices exist in a global data-generating lattice. Discover new ways to deploy and provision those devices and manage your system seamlessly.

How should you think about edge computing as we seek to capture and unleash more data for business insight? What compute capabilities are best deployed where? And how do we continue to ensure that solutions are power- and compute-efficient?

Are you awaking late at night worried about the next security breach and how to make your products and services impenetrable? It’s become clear in the past year that a concerted, industry effort is required to deliver the type of end-to-end security solutions that consumers will have confidence in, but how do we get there?

As design rapidly expands for semi- and completely autonomous vehicles what are the best platforms and functional safety approaches design teams need to consider?

ARm Techon Call for Papers

The town square for problem-solving

These are issues and questions confronting most engineers, and they’re issues that Arm TechCon continues to address as we approach this fall’s event. If you’re looking to contribute to this conversation by sharing your insights and learnings, we need your help. The Arm TechCon 2018 call for papers is now open until June 8.

Elevate your pride of ownership and cement the sense that you’re contributing to something greater than just yourself, your engineering team or your company by submitting a paper, panel or presentation proposal today.

This year, Arm TechCon has seven technical tracks covering the important areas of system and software design today:

  • Automotive, Industrial & Functional Safety
  • Connected Devices & Cloud Services
  • Edge Computing & Machine Learning
  • Embedded Software Development
  • High-Efficiency Systems
  • System Design Methodology
  • Trust & Security

Arm TechCon is the world’s largest event focused on Arm and its partners’ technologies and driving the innovation conversation forward. Submit your paper ideas and become one of the more than 100 speakers educating and informing the Arm community on a diverse range of real-world challenges facing software developers, hardware engineers, and executive managers.

In addition, if you’re in information-gathering mode–looking for the right answers to your design challenges–it’s never too early to register to attend Arm TechCon 2018.

When you walk into Arm TechCon this fall, a world will open before you: Keynotes from Arm executives and experts and industry visionaries; information and demos of the latest Arm-powered systems from around the world, panels and presentations and networking opportunities on which you really can’t put a value.

So, contribute and come join us to listen to and network with colleagues who just refuse to believe that some things aren’t supposed to be possible.

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