Tablet Profit Margins

How much portables giants make off of each tablet varies a lot


Thinking of buying a tablet for the holidays? The world’s top tech companies sure hope so. How much they’ll make up front from that purchase varies quite a bit, according to preliminary teardowns by IHS iSuppli.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Wi-Fi only/16 gigabytes)

Materials: US $165

Price: $199

Margin*: $34


Ipad mini
Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi only/16 GB)

Materials: $188

Price: $329

Margin*: $141


NexusGoogleNexus 7 (16 GB)

Materials: $159

Price: $249

Margin*: $90

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Wi-Fi only/16 GB)

Materials: $260

Price: $499

Margin*: $239


new ipadNew iPad(Wi-Fi only/16 GB)

Materials: $306

Price: $499

Margin*: $193


SurfaceMicrosoft Surface RT (32 GB with touch cover)
Materials: $271
Price: $599
Margin*: $328

   *Less intellectual property, manufacturing, and other costs. Source: IHS iSuppli (Figures are rounded to the nearest dollar. Prices are as of 6 November 2012)

This article originally appeared in print as "The Cost of Christmas Tablets."