Color My World: Banzai Jelly V7 CMOY Amp

If T-shirts can come in 11 colors, why can't headphone amplifiers?

Photo: Michael N. Daugherty
Banzai Jelly V7 CMOY Amp US $71

This is part of IEEE Spectrum's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide.

A great design is, ultimately, a perfect marriage of function and form. Sadly, engineers sometimes focus on the one at the expense of the other. And when it comes to, say, an amplifier, who can blame them? If it sounds great, the dials work, and there are no rough edges, it's done, right? Not quite. The Banzai Jelly V7 CMOY amp comes in eight vibrant colors, plus silver, white, and black. It remains only for someone to build an amp and encase it in paisley. (Should you, dear reader, be so inspired, please send a photo.)

This article originally appeared in print as "Color My Audio World."